Feb. 10, 2022

Secrets Of The 420 Christian Podcast Trailer

This is an 8-minute trailer in story format. It will draw you in immediately and hold your attention the entire time. You will not even look at your watch once to see how much time has passed.

Want to know what The 420 Pound Christian Podcast is all about?  In this trailer, I use a storytelling approach that will expose you to the passion of my heart.  As you listen to my story, I think you will find many similarities between my story and yours.

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I look forward to having many more inspiring conversations with you.  Until then, God Bless!

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I Died Right There On The 5th Floor!!!

I was stooped over, hyperventilating uncontrollably, with 1 oz. beads of sweat pouring from my body.  The light around me was fading quickly. I knew this was the end, I was falling fast, and no one could help me.....

As I recall this day from hell, anxiety still overwhelms me.  I remember waking up like any other day, unaware of the tragedy that was in store for me that hot summer day.  I got up and went through my normal morning ritual like I did every day.  When I arrived at my office building and went into the lobby, I began to quickly get the sense that there was something wrong.    

Old man Dan was at the elevators swearing and cussing up a storm.  Looking back, I should have heeded this warning and just turned around and went back home.    

I quickly realized the driving force behind the damning Dan display was the fact that the elevators were broken, and I was going to have to take the stairs to get to the 5th Floor where my cubical was.  

How hard could it be to get up 5 floors of stairs?  I mean, in my younger, lighter years, I had done it, but now I was 39 years old, and I weighted 400+ lbs.  Feeling pressured by all my co-workers that just started up the staircase, I quickly followed. This is when things escalated, and I mean fast.  

It only took 4 or 5 steps up the stairway for me to begin to question the decision I had made to make this trek up 5 flights of stairs.  What was I thinking???  My body already was telling me to stop and I was not even half-way up the first flight of stairs.  Too make things worse, another group of co-workers had entered the staircase behind me.  So now I felt pressured to go faster up the stairs.  

I looked deep down within and somehow mustered up enough strength to keep my legs climbing.  By the time I got to the top of the first flight of stairs, I was sweating profusely.  My breathing was very labored and getting heavier with each step.  

By the time I started up the second flight of stairs I was gasping for air, but I did not want to stop to take a break due to the fear of looking like a fool to my co-workers.  So, I demanded my legs to keep moving as if I were a drill Sargent berating new recruits.  

Further up I climbed.  Somehow, I remained conscious and did not faint, which was a miracle of God.  I imagine the sounds of my gasping and panting had even my unsaved, unbelieving co-workers offering up prayers for me.    

I was determined to make it to the fifth floor, and somehow, I did, but not without paying a cost.  My body took all that it could take and gave out on me right there and then.    

I was stooped over, hyperventilating uncontrollably, with 1 oz. beads of sweat pouring from my body.  The light around me was fading quickly, and I knew this was the end.  

With my hand on my pain filled chest, I could feel my heart beating so hard and so fast that I thought it was going to burst, and it did.  

I died right there on the fifth floor of that office building, or at least I thought I did.  My heart burst with shame.  I was so embarrassed that I could barely make it up 5 flights of stairs without passing out.  

I carried so much purpose and destiny from God, but how could I do anything meaningful in life if I could not even make it up 5 flights of stairs.  Not only could I barely make it up the stairs, but I also now had a very strongly validated fear of the stairs.   

You know what I did about it?  I faced my fears.  How many times have we heard this saying?  "You have to face your fears."  Well, that is what I did.  I determined that I would never be in that embarrassing situation again.  

So, I started going to work early and I began taking the stairs every morning.  This time though, I allowed myself to go up slowly and take breaks.  I did this week after week until I could make it up the fifth floor without looking like a zombie from the show, "The Walking Dead."   

I conquered my fear, but guess what I gained? Absolutely nothing!!! I was not transformed!!! I was not changed!!! I was just a fat man that could now make it up to the fifth floor without stopping or dying in the process.     

Seven years later I would still weigh 420 lbs.  Shocked? No, you are not!!! How do I know???? Because you have found yourself in embarrassing situations like this over and over again, and you have not changed.  Even though your journey has been different than mine, and your strongholds and addictions might be different, you have not conquered much if anything at all!!!  Listen up, I know that is hard, but it is the reality of your life, and it was the reality of my life.  

Do you want to know what inevitably changed me???  Do you want to learn the secrets that empowered me to get set free once and for all???  Sure, you do, or you would have stopped listening to this sad, but true story after the first few seconds.  

I know the feeling of carrying around the shame of constant failure.  I know the burden of trying to hide my sins, like no one could see them.  The truth is, there are not very many trees big enough for a 420-pound man to hide behind, so my failure was constantly on display for all to see.

I can recall eating so healthy in front of other people when I had lunch or dinner with them, just to come home and go to my secret place of worship, my snack filled nightstand, and stuff my face uncontrollably.

If you haven’t heard anything else I said this far, hear this, you are not alone!!! Your shame is not some special burden that you alone bear.  We all have shame and regret! 

Whatever your addiction, I know this to be a fact, it’s tenacles will not leave even one part of your life untouched.   I cannot tell you how many times I said to myself, “I am so out of control, and I can’t get a grip on this.”

The Secrets of the 420-pound Christian podcast is unlike anything you ever experienced before.  This podcast is an accelerated version of my journey that will empower you to actually see transformation in your life.  Unlike my journey, it will not take you decades, or even years to experience breakthrough.  You can experience true transformation in a matter of weeks.

Week after week, I will be teaching you everything my pastors never taught me about addiction, idols, and the power of having intimacy with God.

You can jump in on any episode, but I encourage you to find Episode #1 and hit play now.  Transformation is just a few clicks away.

By the way, my name is Doug Cromer, your host of “The Secrets of the 420 Pound Christian”. It has been an absolute pleasure connecting with you today.  I would love for us to be able to continue this conversation in my free app called the 420 Pound Christian. You can find more information in the description.

Until we connect again, God Bless and I cannot wait to hear about what God has done in your life as a result of the teachings in this podcast.