Are you a Christian or a believer in Christ and looking for a way to break or overcome food addiction? The 420 Pound Christian App will empower you to overcome the stronghold of food and break food addiction. This is a program that focuses on spiritual growth and development to grow your spirit-m…

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Brand new app coming in the next few days. You can preview it here:

Will be in the app store hopefully by early next week.

For more info about it check out:

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I recall getting lost as a boy in the woods behind my house. My brother, the neighborhood boys, and I had made many trails in those woods but I experienced an unexpected encounter that resulted in me getting lost. In this short story, I talk about the importance of forging paths of deliverance.

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Let's continue the conversation after you finish this 5-Minute Transformation Video, in my free APP, see Link Below

Full Episode Found Here: (Also Available on all podcast platforms)

If you do not understand your design you will never be free! If you a…

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Don't miss our upcoming episode "Failing By Design"

Wonder why you keep getting knocked out? Wonder why you are down for the count again? Wonder why you seem to not be able to win? Truth be told you are failing by design. There are rules of engagement that must be followed. Understand those r…

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#FailingByDesign #SecretsOfThe420PoundChristian #WhyChristiansFailToChange

Want to learn the #1 Reason Why The Modern Day Christian Fails To Change?

This is a trailer with a sneak peak at why we fail to change. Watch the 5 - Minute Transformation Video Failing By Design for a more in-depth expl…

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