The 420 Pound Christian App

This app equips any Christian with the tools needed to break food addiction.
This is not another diet, exercise, or food tracking app. This app will provide you the life-transforming roadmap, the proven know-how, and the accountability you need to unlock the freedom that you stopped believing you could have.
Here are some of the key features:
• Private Support Community
• Accountability Tools to Keep You Ontrack
• Individual Feedback & Encouragement
• Access to Life-Changing Teachings
• Tracking Tools to Track Your Spiritual Growth & Progress
• Laser-Focused Assignments to Accelerate Growth
• Accessibility on Any Device (Phone, Tablet, Computer, or TV)
This app was created by Doug Cromer who was a 40+ year Food Addict. He struggled most of his life to overcome the stronghold of food and was morbidly obese for over 30 years maxing out his weight at 420lbs. After endless failed attempts to break food addiction, he finally submitted to God and that is when everything changed.
Doug has been in the IT Industry for over 26 years. Using his IT know-how & his personal life-transforming experience he created this proprietary app so he could teach and equip other Christians so they too could finally experience freedom over food addiction.
There is no other app available that even comes close to this powerful tool. Your support group and mentors are waiting on you, download this FREE APP today!
This app is FREE and there is a FREE monthly plan that includes the full powerful functionality of the app and all the features listed above as well as numerous free courses that are updated weekly.
For those that wish to accelerate their growth and freedom, there is a paid All-Access monthly plan that gives you everything listed above, plus access to all paid courses, a very active private support group, live teachings, and live Q&A breakthrough sessions.
Doug struggled with his weight all his life, but once he had his life-altering experience with God, it only took him 12 months to lose 200lbs. He can’t guarantee you the same results, but he will equip you with everything you need for success.
In the last 3 years, he has impacted over 5,000 individuals with his teachings and know-how. That is why he created this food addiction app for Christians because he needed a tool that would enable him to help even more believers.
Every week Doug is sharing his experience and teaching all the secrets he found in the Bible that he wished his old 420-pound self knew. The only thing missing is you!

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